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Fantasynth Vst Version 3

Available now for Mac and Windows users

Fantasynth is a very easy-to-use VST dedicated to musicians who want to stay focused on their music without wasting time with dozens of settings. Fantasynth brings together a mix of accoustic sounds recorded in studio and sounds obtained through advanced synthesis techniques.

This is the best VST for starting music production, but it's also a very inspiring tool for those who are more experienced. This is a really complete instrument built for producers, beatmakers and all musicians.

300 Presets

A large choice of songs to inspire you and give the best to your music.

16 Instrument categories

A very large types of instruments, drums, keys, pads, guitars, layers, etc…

Easy to use

This is a really complete instrument built for producers, beatmakers and all musicians.

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Demos of Fantasy midi pack 1 & 2
Hi there!We are proud to present 2 demo videos of the Fantasy Midi packs volume 1 and 2. You'll hear chord progressions from both midi packs.All the sounds used in these demos are from Fantasynth VST. This will give you an idea of what inspiration yo...
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Jeff CEO at Audio Fantasy interwiewed by Mixscape
Hello,You will find here an interwiew of Jeff a.k.a. Little J Beatmaker our CEO.This interwiew wa made by Mixscape from Devenir Beatmaker.comJeff speak about Audio Fantasy and the different versions of Fantaynth (Free, Standard, Gold).He explains how...
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Audio Fantasy - Dream your music, live your dreams
Fantasynth Trailer
Hello!This is our trailer to present you the Fantasynth VSTWe hope you will enjoy it!.
Read More - New website is coming
New website announced...
Hi there!Audio Fantasy celebrates its 3rd anniversary with a new website. It will be online soon, so stay tuned...
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